A Small Step For Blogs…

Writing a first blogpost is always a little awkward. who am I talking to and, above all, what is it that I have to say?

Five Different Shoujo Manga

So apart from the fact that ShouJoy is probably the lamest pun in existence, it is ofcourse also a reflection of my love for Shoujo manga.

Playing Games

In my first blog I was worried I wouldn’t have anything profound to say. Buckle up kids because it turns out: I do!

Together For Ever

The 18th of may is the day I got inked. It was something that I have been considering for a long looong time (90’s joy: I will get a tribal tattoo, 00’s joy: it will be a lotus..suuure). Turns out: I got a bee and some roses.

Sushi Festival Joy

What do you do when the weather is nice, your tummy is rumbling and you haven’t seen your friends in a while?

The Phenomenon: Cosplay

Some might be familiar with my work I do for AniWay (if not check out their magazine and YT-channel, they’ve got some neat stuff for all japan-enthousiasts).

Rrrolling, Rrrolling, Rrrolling

You’re at work, nothing happened all day and you feel the grumpiness creeping in: office blues.

Tokaido: A Road to Happiness

One of the things you should know is that I am a bad loser and an even worse winner.

Objection!: Captivating Puzzle Games

I am an avid RPG-gamer. I love playing a single player game, that is story driven with some of my friends comfortably in the backseat yelling at my ineptitude.

When you are part of this community there are a few titles you must have seen or at least heard about.

Addicted to Authenticity

In this world we look for authenticity. We crave it. When I look at instagram I see millions of people claiming #nofilter #Iwokeuplikethis, when I read their bio’s I see words proclaiming that this will be the realest profile in the internet.

Pokémon: My Relationship with Nostalgia

Nintendo mailed this super fan a questionnaire. I don’t think I would have felt as inclined to fill in the questionnaire if Facebook hadn’t declared me a super fan 10 seconds prior.

Wishing for Happiness: A Thousand Paper Cranes

It makes me think of a story I read three years ago, when I went to Japan. Among other things I have visited Hiroshima.

Laya the Wizard & Snoop the Racoon

This story is based on this art I found on pintrest. The original artist (saintwalker 1806) has a lot of dnd related content so please check out their page!

See You on the Other Side

Whenever we encounter trauma or something that shakes up our world we all react in a different way.

Kyoto Animation: Why we Love Them

KyoAni is a marvelous studio. Admittedly, animation studios hardly get my attention because I don’t read Japanese and mostly skip the intro’s.

The Ancient Art of Home Made Sushi

The ancient art of sushi making, I have heard it takes years for a chef to perfect it.

The Legend of Joy: Hyrule Field

It is 1998, my brother brought in this magical device of blue and white.

Binging: The Rising of the Shield Hero

Everyone has been through this. It’s like lightning strikes you, love at first sight, all you can think about: a new anime addiction.

The Evolution of a Girl: Zelda part 1

Although the famous series is called Legend of Zelda, my favourite princess does not have the screentime she deserves (in my humble opinion).

Heartwarming: Carole & Tuesday

After a long journey, scrolling endlessly through Netflix I found something.

Never Let Them Play your Favourite Game

Never let your friends, spouse, hamster or anything in between play your favourite game.

Binging: Fire Force

A new week, a new obsession. I am currently binging Fire Force.

Binging: Demon Slayer

I have been gone for a little while, because I was doing some real life stuff and of course because I have been binging Demon Slayer.