Sushi Festival: Joy

What do you do when the weather is nice, your tummy is rumbling and you haven’t seen your friends in a while? That’s rigth! You look for a food truck festival in you neighborhood and attend that bad boy. In this particular case: Sushi festival Joy.


it’s a festival that lasts for three days. It starts around 16.00 o’clock on a friday and lasts untill the next sunday, ‘till 21.00 o’clock. The moment you walk on the festival premises you are welcomed by a world of colours, smells and…a sushi conveyor belt (seriously that is a nice touch). The festival is like one big strip of food trucks, bars and even a massage parlour. We walk down this hallway of deliciousness to come up with a war plan: first some sushi, then some fried good (preferably chicken) and we’ll end with some dessert.

Apart from the fact that the food was delicous, we had some serious good luck with the weather. Not too hot, not too cold. Even goldy locks would have agreed this was just right. We start the day off with some fried salmon sushi, follow up with some delish fried chicken and end with rolled up ice cream. As mentioned before a wide variety of foods is available, even if one of your friends is not into sushi, they can still enjoy Joy. The only people who might not find anything they might want is people who hate Asian cuisine, but let’s be real…who hates Asian cuisine?

Because of the weather it was a bit too busy for my liking, and I would have enjoyed a bit more space. It is quite difficult to put a sushi roll in your mouth while your elbow is in your neighbors eyeball, just saying. We eventually snagged a table to stand near, but it took us two or three laps untill we did (and frankly we just joined someone else and I am pretty sure my friends and I eventually just forced them to walk away because we had the numbers…woops). However, I would counter this next time to dress for the occasion, so that walking around in the crowd becomes less of a hassle. I was wearing one too many layers, and a small backpack which forced me to carry my coat around, it turned out to be pretty vital that my hands were free.

Next time I will check the weather forecast, bring appropriate amounts of sun screen and a bag that can atleast carry two jackets. That should do the trick!

Anyways, Take it easy and talk to you soon!


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