Rrrolling, Rrrolling, Rrrolling: Food Truck Festival Rrrrollend

You’re at work, nothing happened all day and you feel the grumpiness creeping in: office blues. The best medicine for office blues is definitly ‘not doing dishes’ on a friday night. So, once again you whip out your phone check the local events page and voila: Food Truck Festival Rrrrollend offers a solution.

In my last Food Truck related post I promised myself to dress for the occasion and make sure my movement would not be impeded by annoying coats or backpacks. Just armed with a leather jacket and sunglasses I hopped on my bike and followed the scent of barbecue. My entourage was considerably smaller this time around, which in turn, also made moving around a whole lot easier.


The festival took place at the same place as Sushi fest JOY: Lange voorhout, The Hague. I love this place. It is a quintessential city park (or tree strip? those who know the place understand my confusion), it is green and the sound of cars is far enough in the distance that happy munching sounds drown them out. However, it is still so very much the city that I love and live in. It is the best of both worlds: nature and city, comfortable and convenient.

All kinds of food were available, but I decided I would stay away from my old faithful burgies (translation: burgers) or other grilled meats and try something new. On the menu: quesedillas, springrolls and potato wedges.

‘Did you eat all of that!?’, nope, nope I did not. My eyes, once again, were bigger than my stomach and even though my companion said it would be too much, I was stubborn. I did taste everything though, and I throughly enjoyed everything. The potato wedges had a specials sauce and the springrolls, for once, did not burn my mouth (quite the feat I know).

A beer or two couldn’t hurt, right?

Rrrrollend (or Rrrrolling) was a bit more spatious than JOY, the trucks were set up in such a way that maneuvering the premises was much easier. When ordering drinks you had to purchase a glass (it is not actual glass, some kind of plastic) which you can then with every subsequent order re-use (they take your glass, give you a new clean one and then wash the one they just collected and so forth). I like it when festivals like this make an effort to be aware and susstainable.

Needless to say my office blues was cured pretty quickly. The beauty with Food Truck Festivals is that you can stay as short or as long as you like. After dinner we headed home and had a beautifully lazy evening were we didn’t have to do any dishes.

Anyways, Take it easy and talk to you soon!


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