Objection!: Captivating Puzzle Games

I am an avid RPG-gamer. I love playing a single player game, that is story driven with some of my friends comfortably in the backseat yelling at my ineptitude. I love being immersed, I don’t mind the reading and the cut scenes, and it’s fine there is no co-op mode. The first time I got into contact with puzzle games is when my friend brought over brain trainer (remember that blast from the past?). It was a game that provided the player with a wide array of puzzles (math based, word games, dexterity based etc.). Imagine my delight when I found games that combined my love for story telling with my excitement for puzzles, covered in bueatiful game- art sauce.

I think the first one was Professor Layton. My boyfriend at the time (probably 10-9 years ago?) turned my skepticism into complete fandom. I loved the cutesy puzzles, that the main character was less hero and more professor, and that the art was a breath of fresh air. Literally every character was given…well..character! Yet, they all clearly came from the same artist’s hand. Additionally, the characters make for such good cosplays!

Soon after my Layton conversion I stumbled across another game…or should I say Another Code? I don’t remember much of this game apart from the main character and that I had to work really hard to find it. My local game shop (future zone) didn’t even have it. When I finally got my hands on it (yarghhh mateys, there be pirates here), I remember me and my brother playing it side by side on our own save file. However, his story and puzzles were slightly different from mine! Which meant that this game had replay value, and boy I played the shit out of that game. As I mentioned before, I don’t remember a whole lot about the story, but the ambience was creepy and mysterious, I would love to dig it up and play it once more.

16-17 year old me: ‘should I cut my hair and die it white?’

Finally, 25 year old me has discovered (like yesterday) a new puzzle hero. I am extremely late to the game, but better late than never: Phoenix Wright, Ace Attorney. The trilogy is now on sale in the Nintendo e-shop store and I am thouroughly enjoying it. The whole courtroom setting (dun-dun), the crazy facial expressions, and insane character designs turns something serious as a murder trial into something silly, which in its turn makes the game enjoyable to play (no one wants to feel like an actual muder solving lawyer, that’s too much pressure man).

all these games have brought me immense joy and where super fun, so if you were looking for more puzzle games: here you go! And if you weren’t…well too late you read the blog already.

Anyways, take it easy and talk to you soon!


I do not own any of these titles or art work, all rights reserved for Nintendo

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