A Tale of Cat and Mouse:

Fruits Basket

When you are part of this community there are a few titles you must have seen or at least heard about. Big shounen titles spring to mind (e.g. bleach, Naruto, one piece, Full metal alchemist) and, at least for me, shoujo titles such as vampire night, lovely complex and Fruits Basket. You probably see where this is going by now, but since we are blessed by times that favour the nostalgia factor we got a remake of fruits basket.

If the many many MANY articles that sing this anime’s praise have not yet convinced you, let me try to add to this pile and persuade you, the critical mind that for some reason does not want to watch this sappy master piece. Fruits basket is about a girl Tohru Honda who is an orphan and, due to circumstance, has to live in a tent for a short while (don’t you just love it when the real world rules just don’t apply? Like sure live in a tent for storytelling purposes of course). As fate would have it, she pitched her tent close to the house of the soma’s. Yuki and Shigure bump into Tohru, figure out she lives in a tent, and as the responsible people Yuki and Shigure are: invite her to stay with them for the time being. Enter Kyo, a rude, martial arts loving rebel who loves fighting Yuki and the bunch of crazy misfits is complete. It doesn’t take Tohru a long time to find out that the Souma’s aren’t just quirky, but they guard a mysterious secret.

I remember a friend of mine recommending this series to me many moons ago. I could hardly keep up with the subtitles and would parrot every Japanese word (look I can speak Japanese: segoi!….myep). I did not finish it, for those that are not aware I am notorious for finishing books, games and series up to 80% and for some reason just bailing on them (please do not judge me, I am working on it). I don’t think my 12 year old brain could stay compelled for 26 episodes.

Fun fact: the little guy is supposed to be german, I mean can’t you tell by his socks?

Eventually, I was surprised to see that the remake was already being aired. I raced to crunchyroll to catch the episodes, and I must say, they are an absolute delight. I think they found the sweet spot with the modernised animation but still staying true to the original 90’s style. After a long day at work where people are…well people, it is nice to grab a bowl of pasta and bury yourself in the unrealistic optimism that is Tohru Honda. Fruits Basket is not driven by high school drama, petty discussions or sexually frustrated interactions ( I’m looking at you ‘Say I love you’) and that is exactly why this anime is probably loved by so many. It is funny, compelling and filled with a loveable cast (which I believe greatly adds to the quality of any series).

The evolution of Tohru Honda Left to right: manga, anime, anime 2019

Instead of someone who is jealous and for some reason does not want to properly talk it out (seriously 80% of those manga could be fixed with one or two conversations), we see a protagonist trying to stay positive and power through with hard work. Which is also a cliché, but y’know sometimes you want chocolate, and sometime strawberry such is life.

The episode total is (for now) set at 63 episodes. With that amount I am pretty sure they’ll be able to adapt all the 136 manga chapters. I am excited and can’t wait to get to the episodes that introduce parts of the story line I haven’t seen yet! Additionally, this is probably the only anime I would consider looking up the dubbed version, because Laura Bailey is back to voice the protagonist. I think it is almost impossible to dislike her!

When an anime presents the protagonist with two love interests, there tend to be… discussions. Now I know, I know she is going to end up with Kyo, and funnily enough that was who I was rooting for when I was younger, but damn am I sad right now it isn’t Yuki. Maybe that’s an age thing? Twelve year olds like bad boys, and 25 year olds like nice guys?

Anyways, take it easy and talk to you soon!


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