My Relationship with Nostalgia

It is a Saturday, I wake up, my wild mane is in my mouth and the light from my phone is already blasting into my eyes. Fun tip: have trouble waking up? Just set your screen brightness to max and let the blue light break down every bit of melatonine left and BAM! you’re awake. In any case: I am up. I check my notifications and an interesting process starts. First I check my Facebook, they congratulate me with a ‘button’. Apparently I am a Nintendo super fan and I should definitely claim my badge of honour so everyone can see. One click, two clicks snd I am done, I am a certified super fan. Secondly, I check my email. Nintendo mailed this super fan a questionnaire. I don’t think I would have felt as inclined to fill in the questionnaire if Facebook hadn’t declared me a super fan 10 seconds prior. One click, two clicks…this is going to take a while.

In a nutshell this questionnaire is about my demographic (woman, 25, Netherlands etc.) and whether or not I have seen the new pokemon shield and pokemon sword and what my impression is. When they show me a trailer they start asking about the new features (dynamax fights), what I like the most about the game and what kind of Pokémon I prefer.

When in Japan, you start to lose all emberassment that comes with taking a selfie

I actually felt bad. I have been talking to friends about how Nintendo should try to innovate more when it comes to the Pokémon games, but when asked who my favourite starter is I will always answer Bulbasaur (not because he is the best, charmender obviously is, but he just looks so cute). How can I expect the company to innovate, if I the consumer, am still not ready to let go of their old work?

I think I don’t really need something new, I just want to be sold nostalgia hidden in a cool new jacket(I don’t want to actually buy the same thing twice!). I think many businesses nowadays have figured out that current consumers…or at least most of generation Y want to find some steady ground in this crazy game we call life. We are # blessed and # stressed, and in order to keep out brains from exploding we seek comfort. Comfort in the things we know, comfort in things we associate with safety. No wonder I love it when ‘the industry’ starts re-selling me my childhood again. I talked about this briefly in a previous post

I think Pokémon is a great example of this: they introduced some new types (that was different I guess?)…But apart from that the game never really fundamentally changed. Although I would love to see innovation, I actually like that I know what to do before starting up my game.

I wonder what Nintendo is going to do, now that their loyalties are split between those that buy nostalgia and those that buy Pokémon. The questionnaire was very geared towards: what I thought was cool and what I wanted from a Pokémon game. So let’s hope that Nintendo has heard this super fan and will sell me some premium nostalgia in the future.

Anyways, take it easy and talk to you soon!


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