This story is based on this art I found on pintrest. The original artist (saintwalker 1806) has a lot of dnd related content so please check out their page!

Laya never imagined that she would become an adventurer traveling the world . She always preferred to stay in and read books, instead of running around in the forest. Her feet were hurting and the wind made her hairs stand on end. It was cold, she was tired and by all the gods did she not want to be here. She clutched her tome a bit tighter against her body, and pulled her hood a bit further over her horns. If she had known that professor Baccus would send her out in the field she would have applied for a different traineeship. She would have studied plants, or golems, or… who was she kidding that sounds boring. A big sigh escaped her, ‘okay Laya the ancient tomb should be here somewhere, just pop in grab the spell scroll and pop out’. Laya studied ancient magicks and everyone knows that those that study ancient magic end up being a crazy collector of sorts…All wizards are horders, but those specializing in ancient magic even more so. Laya felt a small lick against her ear: her familiar. She smiled and scratched the concerned racoon behind his ear. ‘I know Snoop, but we’ll be back before you know it’.

It was a sight to see, a colourful lanky figure desperatly trying to hold on to some petruding rocks. Laya was tall and slender. Her fashion sense could be described as ‘out there’ and to top it off she was a tiefling. Tiefling weren’t known to be very diligent and scholarly, but she was, sort off. Laya was sent to collect a scroll from an ancient tomb, said to be the final resting place of a prince of the abyss. She was half walking half climbing past a small road following the base of a giant mountain range. Until a small rock formation caught her attention. ‘Snoop, that should be it! Let’s go!’ she picked up her pace and made her way to the small formation, that signified the entrance of a cave. She quickly darted inside, made a mental note that she was happy a trap hadn’t blown her to smithereens, and produced small flame in her hand. ‘We made it Snoop, I thought that mountain road would never end’, another sigh escaped her.

She looked around. The rocks were covered in ancient drawings and runes. She rolled up her sleeves, revealing intricate tattoos covering her arms and opened her book. With one meaningful look to her familiar, snoop assumed position, grabbed the chalk and started drawing the necessary symbols around her. Laya started chanting and before she knew it the runes revealed their secret to her. They told stories of ancient battles, gave warnings that people should not enter and that one should not be seduced by promises of treasure.

Laya laughed a nervous chuckles…’welp that’s disconcerning’. She wiped away Snoop’s chalk drawings and hung her tome back on her hip. She opened a little pouch that rested on her hip aswell and let her arm disappeared in the pouch all the way to her elbow. She drew a long delicate staff out, tapped it twice and a gentle light appeared at the tip. Gripping the staff she proceeded deeper into the cave. For the ten minutes her spell was up she investigated the runes along the way. Her hand trailed over the shapes and figures etched in the wall. ‘Snoop, she handed him some charcoal and paper, could you keep track and draw a map as we go?’ A confirming peep and some rifling through her bag of holding later, Snoop was diligently working on his map.

Many of the traps they encountered were already sprung or destroyed. Slowly Laya’s ears filled with whispers. She put back her hood and dimmed her light. Down the tunnel she saw a faint glow. She had to strain her ears, but she picked up a voice, one that sounded deeper than the whispers that tried her sanity upon entering. She couldn’t catch all of it, but it sounded like a prayer. Laya rolled her eyes stood up and walked with more confidence than one would expect a tiefling to walk down a tomb to an abyssal prince.

The individual, clearly disturbed, turned towards her. “who goes there…a sister here to pray to our prince?” Good, Laya thought, just walk in an abyssal tomb with purpose and everyone will suspect the tiefling is evil. ‘I have come…because I had a vision”. ‘Truly, Sister tell me of this vision?’ ‘well…Laya scraped her throat, I saw a scroll, the prince wanted me to see it and do his bidding’. The individual scrunged his nose and frowned, ‘but the scroll of foresight is meant for when he returns, to grant him his long lost power of seeing’. He pointed towards the altar, ‘no one is supposed to touch it. Are you even a true sister…’ He came closer with a sword drawn. Laya smiled ‘Oh thank god, my feet hurt so bad I am so relieved!’ She pointed her staff towards him, her eyes flared with silver energy. A dusty cloud started to gather around the worshippers feet, a warped voice reached his ears. ‘You should thank me brother, you are one with you precious temple now’.

Anger made place for fear and the man started looking at his feet. Slowly the dust started to cling to him, forming a solid layer. He began to try and break free, but to no avail. The last Laya heard were his screams and then silence. She tapped the now petrified man on the nose: ‘thanks for your help bud, she turned, come on Snoop in and out like we discussed’.

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