See You on the Other Side

Whenever we encounter trauma or something that shakes up our world we all react in a different way. Some of us may cry, some of us feel nothing, we turn to substances or rise from ashes stronger than before. Everyone’s situation is unique, yet the same.

I was listening to a song by Macklemore: Otherside. Suddenly an image came to mind, that image resonated with me and with where I am now. In my daily life stress is a daily conversation topic. It is a relationship I cannot walk away from, I’ve tried to break up  multiple times, sometimes successfully but I ‘relapse’ every time. I am so used to feeling tension and nervous energy that it feels weird and uncanny when I relax. My brain starts searching for a reason to stress out again just so it can think “ah there it is, see I was right I can’t relax”. I know it’s bad, I know it is a pitfall I set up for myself, yet I can’t help it.

The image that came to mind was that of a person in a row boat, it could be me, my friend, anyone really. That person is fighting with everything they have, to scoop water out their little row boat with a bucket. The hole is still there, it is cold, skies are grey and hands are hurting. I see an expression on this person’s face: pain and gritted teeth. They have nothing yet to plug the hole, but until they do there is no question that they will keep scooping to the best of their ability.

People are resilient. From one water scooper to another: we can do this, all we need to do is be patient and wait until a cork or cloth drifts by. When it does, make sure to grab it. It might not be a perfect fit, your boat might still fill up every once in a while. When it does: don’t panic, this happened before, you know what to do. It might seem like a big deal, no land in sight, but you’re in the middle of the lake, when you just go you will stumble upon land.

When your tiny row boat is near empty you can start rowing, we’ll see each other on the other side! I’ll be waiting, to pull you up on shore. We are waiting.

Take it easy and we’ll speak soon.



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