Binging: The Rising of the Shield Hero

Everyone has been through this. It’s like lightning strikes you, love at first sight, all you can think about: a new anime addiction. I had seen mentiones of this series before, and at the time thought it was right up my alley. However life got in the way (as it often does) and lost sight of it.

Like a long lost love it has flown back in to my life last weekend and all my lazy body wants to do is wear and oversized sweater, build a blanket igloo and binge the whole thing until I am completely sick of it. Who is this love you ask? Well it is: The Rising of the Shield Hero.


The Rising of the Shield Hero is about a guy named Naofumi. He gets transported to a fantasy game like world. Remember: it is not a game, menu’s are just an actual thing here guys (what would your stats be like, can you imagine?). In this world he is one of the four heroes (spear, sword, bow and shield). Right of the bat Naofumi has the short end of the stick. The shield hero is mocked, seen as the weakest member and generally looked down upon. On top of that he has no clue how to go about this hero business, whilst the other members seem to have some experience gained in their alternate dimensions. If Naofumi wasn’t underdog enough a scheme is set in motion which discredits Naofumi till the point where everyone in the kingdom hates him. Needless to say this left an impression on our protagonist and the carefree goofy college guy we know turns into a hardened cold and distant figure. Lucky for him, he finds Raphtalia a demi-human whom he can whole heartedly trust. Together they will sort this hero business out!

Binge Worthy

Now I don’t know about you, but I love anime that are set in western and or fantasy worlds. The aesthetic is always pleasing to me. I think since Sword Art Online (could have been before) fantasy mmo anime are more and more prevalent. This theme were people are trapped in a game, are playing a game or are transported to a game like world are popping up more often and I don’t mind at all. I loved Grimgar (highly recommend for those who like action and a more serious take on these fantasy worlds) , Spice and Wolf (Highly recommend if you like romance and learn about the ins and outs of being a merchant, yep I know what I said), my life as an MMO Junkie (highly recommend if you like romance and don’t want to go full out on the game fantasy life thing but are curious to dip your toes in so to speak). The Rising of the Shield Hero has everything I enjoy. Cool character design, colourful cast (cast is an important thing to me I also mention here and here), action, romance and a storyline that makes me want to skip to the last page to see how it ends.

Shield Hero

What I particularly like about this anime is that they very deliberately have chosen a hero that for once isn’t the offensive BOII. Although they can’t help themselves but give him some attack features, Naofumi mostly shines in his ability to block devastating attacks, and heal those around him. I like that the male protagonist is a support class and the female protagonist is his sword. I like how she is capable and although his party is kind of a hype possé, they are not damsels in distress but capable people (and ‘not people’…just watch you’ll know what I mean). I find myself rooting for this MEGA underdog at every turn and when his situations turns even worse I’ll cheer even louder. Waiting for that cliché moment where he’ll come out on top, but instead of it feeling cliché it will feel like a relief: “oh phew, everything turned out okay”.

You can watch The Rising of the Shield Hero on Crunchyroll!

Anyways, take it easy and see you soon!


I do not own any of the rights to the series mentioned in this blog.

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