Heartwarming: Carole and Tuesday

I was bored annoyed and tired. Only a good anime would cure what ailed me. After a long journey, scrolling endlessly through Netflix I found something. It looked nice, Netflix anime animation quality can be compared to a sick sportscar. It was about girls (sweet, I am a girl #reletable) and it was about music (great, I love music). I had high hopes for Carole and Tuesday.

Now small disclaimer, I have only seen the first three or four episodes, So I can’t give a very well-constructed argument on why it’s good other than “I like it”. This anime is a story about two girls (Carole and Tuesday of course) who come from different backgrounds but share two things: loneliness and music. Both possess an exceptional talent for music and they start writing songs together. Their performance is captured and placed on social media and so a washed up manager discovers this duo. Their journey to stardom commences.

The story is very standard, it is almost literally the plot of the movie Begin Again. However, since I love that movie I don’t really mind. I wanted to look at something that made me feel good and this did. I love that the series is portraying diversity. I don’t want to get too deep into it, since I don’t want to get political, but I will say: because they portray diversity of different levels, they differentiate themselves from what is already out there. The animation is what the kids would call ‘slick’ and the design of the characters instantly calls ‘indie musician’ to me (tbh it’s the bangs). The characters write their music in English and the voice actors speak/sing near fluently.

A reference to K-pop and their obsession with Laundromats?

It is a great anime if you like the slice of life genre with a dash of music. Put on your pyjama’s, wrap yourself in a blanket and have some steaming tea/cocoa/coffee ready. Carole and Tuesday  feels like the ultimate feel good series, I wonder if it will stay that way.

You can check the entire thing on Netflix.

Anyways, take it easy and see you soon!


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