Never Let Them Play your Favourite Game

Never let your friends, spouse, hamster or anything in between play your favourite game. It is human nature to want to share the things we enjoy. We want to show what makes us happy, what interests us and we want others to have this experience and share in the awesomeness. However, the world is a cruel and dark place, people like different things and…just don’t do it.

Of course you should take my intro with a grain of salt, but let me tell you of my traumatic experience. One of my favourite games is Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. The game might not have been the hardest, but I loved the epos-experience this game gave me. It tapped right into my child like wonder for Ocarina of Time, but also appealed to my angsty teen side with it’s dark themes and art.

Cue many many  many years later (we don’t get out much, am I right gamers!?) and I meet my better half. He knows about my love for Zelda, he doesn’t understand it but accepts it. That should have been the end. But no, no my pushy ass needed him to understand and much like that one episode of How I Met Your Mother, Twilight Princess is just a tiny bit less awesome now.

I convinced this goof of a man to play Twilight Princess fully aware of the fact that he is not into single player RPG’s Unless the game is called Fall Out. Needless to say our relationship was going through some trying times when he was playing Twilight Princess. Never have I ever felt so personally offended because someone did not only dislike but openly hate the game that I so love and cherish. I was so angry, because I could totally see where he was coming from. By darn gosh did he have a point when he mentioned the enemies were just standing still, but would I want to admit that? No of course not, because Twilight is my love and we love despite the imperfections.

Last night my boyfriend finished the game, the missed parts of the final cutscene and did not have that dreamy reminiscent look of “omg yes level one such a long time ago” in his eyes when the credits roll with the level designs in the background. Not once did he smile when the townspeople were dancing. And why would he, because let’s face it: Twilight princess was not the best. Not bad, but not the best.

A word of advice from the voice of experience: do not let them play your favourite game.


Disclaimer: Since I don’t want to confuse anybody let me spell it out: this piece is ironic ❤

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