Binging: Fire Force

A new week, a new obsession. I am currently binging Fire Force. I say binging, but what I mean is: watch the amount of episodes released (which honestly does not even constitute to a light binge but, okay). Fire Force is a random idea wrapped in a visually appealing fire department coat, sprouted from the same brain that made Soul Eater and I love it.

Before I get into the summary can I please take a second to talk about the intro song. I always skip it because that is 90 seconds of my life I will never get back, but OMG it is so good. The song is by Mrs. Green Apple, name Inferno (‘cause fire, get it?) and it is catchy as hell. Now that we have gotten that out of the way let’s get into the mini-summary.

Fire Force is about a world like ours. However, in this world people spontaneously combust and turn into fire demons. A special Fire Force, which is a force that consists of fire fighters soldiers and religious peeps, was constructed to fight these demons and keep the peace. Amongst the people that are normal and spontaneously burst into flame, are also people who have special abilities: Pyrokinesis. Like the swords in Bleach every gifted person has their own ‘fire-power’. The series focusses on unit eight, especially Shinra Kusakabe who is plagued by his own flame demons, but determined to rise from the ashes as a hero.

Fire Force has those elements that I also found appealing in The Rising of the Shield Hero and Full metal Alchemist: Brotherhood. The series is drawn well with intersting character designs. I enjoy the fact that without knowing the series the crew is very identifyable as fire fighters. The blue stripes on the uniform are a nice contrast with the red and orange flames and the overall animation is just damn smooth. Anime like this that follow a group, when done well, is often times a winner for me, because of the interesting interactions all these interesting chracters can have with eachother. Additionally, I like how the main character appears like an anti-hero, but in personality is actually your ideallistic ‘im going to be a hero’ -type.

However, and I do understand that this anime is for boys, I could do without the random burning away of clothes on girls. I really liked that the female fire fighter, Maki, is buff and tough. It breaks with the typical: us girls can conquer problems with our niceness- theme. But at every corner the female characters either get sexualized (oh no all my clothes except for this bikini design get burned away) or are going to get more attention, because they are the gentle female nun or booby addition to the motly crew. I also think that sometimes (very rarely but noticeable enough) the comedic timing is off. What could have worked in the manga, works differently in anime because both media have a different ‘beat’. A gag in a manga could be a relief from reading, the same gag in anime can feel alien and out of place.

All in all I think you should give Fire Force a looksy it is an action packed visual delight. Although the story feels very familiar I still think it offers a new flavour.

Anyways, take it easy and talk to you soon!

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