Binging: Demon Slayer

I have been gone for a little while, because I was doing some real life stuff and of course because I have been binging Demon Slayer. Often times I am the friend that recommends anime. This time however, the world was topsy-turvy. Two different friends that have never met recommended this series to me. I googled Demon Slayer, liked the art and started watching. The beginning of the end so to speak!

The story follows Tanjiro the eldest son of his family. He travels down the mountain to sell charcoal. Tanjiro is a gentle soul with a lot of siblings and a keen sense of smell (seriously he can smell when you are nice…like what does that even smell like). After a long day of selling charcoal he comes back to his family, on top of the mountain, only to find them slaughtered. Except for his sister Nezuko. However, Something is changed about Nezuko and in order to change her back Tanjiro joins the demon slaying corpse to find the demon responsible for everything.

When I started this anime I did not know what to expect. A lot of people were raving about it, but I never really understood what it was about. I thought maybe it was a weird romance anime between a demon and human? I was sold when I saw the art when they were fighting. There is no bleach type sword magic, but they do add visuals for flavor. Apart from the fact that I found this so original and charming, the art also stood apart from the rest. The water looked like an old Japanese painting. Again I am a sucker for awesome animation, and this looks awesome.

I also loved that this series proved me wrong when it came to the romance aspect. Although I enjoy romance stories, it was a thousand times more endearing that the main couple is family that sticks together through all their trials and tribulations. It is a love story, but not about romantic love. It is a deep affection that is heartwarming and tender. Apart from our two protagonists we meet a colorful cast of whacky, and frankly annoying characters. But all of them brilliantly designed, in my humble opinion.

I loved this fantasy samurai series and I definitly want to forward my friends’ recommendation. A movie will soon be released for the next story arc. I have to try very hard to refrain myself from reading ahead in the manga. When you start watching, you should especially enjoy the first 10 episodes, since Zenitsu isn’t part of the crew yet #fuckthatguy

Anyways, take it easy and talk to you soon!


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