Never Let Them Play your Favourite Game

Never Let Them Play your Favourite Game Never let your friends, spouse, hamster or anything in between play your favourite game. It is human nature to want to share the things we enjoy. We want to show what makes us happy, what interests us and we want others to have this experience and share in [...]

Heartwarming: Carole and Tuesday

Heartwarming: Carole and Tuesday I was bored annoyed and tired. Only a good anime would cure what ailed me. After a long journey, scrolling endlessly through Netflix I found something. It looked nice, Netflix anime animation quality can be compared to a sick sportscar. It was about girls (sweet, I am a girl #reletable) and [...]

The Evolution of a Girl: Zelda – part 1

The Evolution of a Girl: Zelda - part 1 Although the famous series is called Legend of Zelda, my favourite princess does not have the screentime she deserves (in my humble opinion). No, the guy in the green hat is not Zelda and if you thought that I  kindly request you to leave, play Ocarina [...]

Binging: The Rising of the Shield Hero

Binging: The Rising of the Shield Hero Everyone has been through this. It’s like lightning strikes you, love at first sight, all you can think about: a new anime addiction. I had seen mentiones of this series before, and at the time thought it was right up my alley. However life got in the way [...]

The Legend of Joy: Hyrule Field

The Legend of Joy: Hyrule Field It is 1998, my brother brought in this magical device of blue and white. It is something you plug in your tv and has these things called 'controllers' (what ever that means). I have no idea what I am watching, but suddenly I see Mario jump into a painting [...]

The Ancient Art of Home made Suhsi

The Ancient Art of Homemade Sushi The ancient art of sushi making, I have heard it takes years for a chef to perfect it. With rice as a key ingredient, it is essential that it is not too sticky, too sour, salty, but just right. With an easy kit you can do it in your [...]

Kyoto Animation: Why we Love Them

Kyoto Animation: Why we Love Them Tragedy strikes at random moments. We are reminded that living means chaos, and no matter how hard we try, we cannot control everything around us. Someone in this universe had the plan to scatter a flammable fluid in the KyoAni (Kyoto Animation) studio and set the building ablaze. At [...]

See You on the Other Side

See You on the Other Side Whenever we encounter trauma or something that shakes up our world we all react in a different way. Some of us may cry, some of us feel nothing, we turn to substances or rise from ashes stronger than before. Everyone’s situation is unique, yet the same. I was listening [...]

Orginal Character Background Story: Laya the Wizard and Snoop the Racoon

This story is based on this art I found on pintrest. The original artist (saintwalker 1806) has a lot of dnd related content so please check out their page! Laya never imagined that she would become an adventurer traveling the world . She always preferred to stay in and read books, instead of running around [...]

Wishing for Happiness: A Thousand Paper Cranes

Wishing For Happiness: A Thousand Paper Cranes I have learned that happiness is a fleeting thing. It is something we feel in the moment, when we eat a cookie or receive our diploma. It feels like we should strive for constant happiness and reshape our struggles into a hero's narrative. When this inevetably falls apart, [...]