Orginal Character Background Story: Laya the Wizard and Snoop the Racoon

This story is based on this art I found on pintrest. The original artist (saintwalker 1806) has a lot of dnd related content so please check out their page! Laya never imagined that she would become an adventurer traveling the world . She always preferred to stay in and read books, instead of running around [...]

Wishing for Happiness: A Thousand Paper Cranes

Wishing For Happiness: A Thousand Paper Cranes I have learned that happiness is a fleeting thing. It is something we feel in the moment, when we eat a cookie or receive our diploma. It feels like we should strive for constant happiness and reshape our struggles into a hero's narrative. When this inevetably falls apart, [...]

Pokémon: My relationship with nostalgia

Pokémon: My Relationship with Nostalgia It is a Saturday, I wake up, my wild mane is in my mouth and the light from my phone is already blasting into my eyes. Fun tip: have trouble waking up? Just set your screen brightness to max and let the blue light break down every bit of melatonine [...]

Addicted to Authenticity

Addicted to Authenticity In this world we look for authenticity. We crave it. When I look at instagram I see millions of people claiming #nofilter #Iwokeuplikethis, when I read their bio’s I see words proclaiming that this will be the realest profile on the internet. When I watch my favorite food documentaries I hear the [...]

A Tale of Cat and Mouse: Fruits Basket

A Tale of Cat and Mouse: Fruits Basket When you are part of this community there are a few titles you must have seen or at least heard about. Big shounen titles spring to mind (e.g. bleach, Naruto, one piece, Full metal alchemist) and, at least for me, shoujo titles such as vampire night, lovely [...]

Objection!: captivating puzzle games

Objection!: Captivating Puzzle Games I am an avid RPG-gamer. I love playing a single player game, that is story driven with some of my friends comfortably in the backseat yelling at my ineptitude. I love being immersed, I don't mind the reading and the cut scenes, and it's fine there is no co-op mode. The [...]

Tokaido: A Road to Happiness

Tokaido: A Road to Happiness One of the things you should know is that I am a bad loser and an even worse winner. I am slightly toxic when it comes to boardgames. It's go or no, 0 or 100, win or lose. So imagine my frustration when I lose a game where your goal [...]

Rrrolling, Rrrolling, Rrrolling

Rrrolling, Rrrolling, Rrrolling: Food Truck Festival Rrrrollend You're at work, nothing happened all day and you feel the grumpiness creeping in: office blues. The best medicine for office blues is definitly 'not doing dishes' on a friday night. So, once again you whip out your phone check the local events page and voila: Food Truck [...]

Sushi Festival: Joy

Sushi Festival: Joy What do you do when the weather is nice, your tummy is rumbling and you haven't seen your friends in a while? That's rigth! You look for a food truck festival in you neighborhood and attend that bad boy. In this particular case: Sushi festival Joy. #adorkable it's a festival that lasts [...]