The Legend of Joy: Hyrule Field

The Legend of Joy: Hyrule Field It is 1998, my brother brought in this magical device of blue and white. It is something you plug in your tv and has these things called ‘controllers’ (what ever that means). I have no idea what I am watching, but suddenly I see Mario jump into a painting […]

Pokémon: My relationship with nostalgia

Pokémon: My Relationship with Nostalgia It is a Saturday, I wake up, my wild mane is in my mouth and the light from my phone is already blasting into my eyes. Fun tip: have trouble waking up? Just set your screen brightness to max and let the blue light break down every bit of melatonine […]

Objection!: captivating puzzle games

Objection!: Captivating Puzzle Games I am an avid RPG-gamer. I love playing a single player game, that is story driven with some of my friends comfortably in the backseat yelling at my ineptitude. I love being immersed, I don’t mind the reading and the cut scenes, and it’s fine there is no co-op mode. The […]